Hiking - Serra d´Arga

  • Variable
  • Minimum number of people: 2 and Maximum 6 people
  • Maximum age 70
  • Basic Pack Price per person : 40 €

Serra D'Arga is located in “Alto Minho” in the mountainous range of “Peneda-Gerês”; it has an outstanding natural beauty and  a rich biodiversity in fauna and flor.

Serra d'Arga is in a crossway of numerous rivers and streams derived from the highlands, running down their slopes forming beautiful waterfalls and natural lagoons. Besides its unique and extraordinary landscapes, we can witness the historical villages where customs, tradition and culture are well-preserved and still deep-rooted. We are overwhelmed  by the typical local houses, water mills, bridges, granaries and monuments of worship that man, in his adaptation to the geographic space and his way of life, has been building through the ages.

The trails are a unique way of discovering  nature and the region.  We have programs on several available trails/ routes, from 5 km distance, 3 hours duration , up to 19 km distance, 6 hours and 30 minutes duration and with various levels of difficulty. Come and discover nature while  walking. You can also enjoy  cultural and gastronomic experiences  that the region offers  as well as other activities  (SUP and Tour 4X4)

Included (Basic Pack)

  • Photos and film
  • Insurance
  • (*) Pick up and Drop off 
  • Local Guide

(*) May incur an additional charge depending on the distance; to be confirmed.

 To be confirmed

  • Lunch/ Snack
  • Other activities/ offers
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