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  • The company preferably works in Alto Minho, which includes Viana do Castelo district and Peneda do Gerês National Park.

    Our headquarters are in Viana do Castelo, hence, making us privileged experts in this region. We work in Serra de Santa Luzia and Serra d'Arga, as well as along the coast.

    The region where we prefer to work is Alto Minho, which includes Viana do Castelo’s district and Peneda do Gerês National Park.

  • Yes.

    North Discovery is a documented tourist animation company that provides open air activities, nature and culture, it is registered in the RNAAT with the number 1164/2018. It is acknowledged as a provider of nature-based tourism activities and it is authorised to operate within protected areas by the ICNF, within the same registry.

  • Yes. Depending, clearly, on the seasons and the weather, there might be a need to adapt the offer, such as, for example, bathing in the natural lagoons in winter, or even canoe expeditions. However, the basis of the service / product and its interest ("Explore and live nature") remain unchanged at all times of the year.

  • The company vehicles are all four-wheel drive. Besides ensuring comfort and safety, these vehicles, because of their features, allow off-road tours and access to any place where other vehicles barely reach. Our tours have off-road trails and paths in the mountains.

  • Yes. The company uses its own vehicles for pick up and drop off services, at the spots agreed upon by the customer.

    This service is provided in the districts of Porto, Viana do Castelo and Braga.

  • The maximum number of people per activity is usually 6, as it is the number of seats in the company's four-wheel drive vehicles. This information is indicated in the product / the company web service.

    If the number of people is larger, the company must be contacted in time, to verify its viability.

  • Yes.

    We opted for 2 years old as the minimum age.

    The indicated price is reduced by 50% until the age of 14.

    Children are not considered for the minimum number of people per activity / service (2), but are considered for the maximum number of people per activity (6).

  • Depending on the season of the year, you should wear comfortable clothing, preferably large attire and suitable for the season’s temperatures. The footwear is also very important and it should be appropriate for uneven grounds. Do not wear flip-flops or high-heeled shoes.

    In summer, shorts, swimwear and a towel are recommended to take advantage of the bathing opportunities in the natural lagoons.

  • Identification documents.

    Depending on the season of the year, consider wearing sunglasses and a hat as well as sunscreen.

  • Yes. Yet, when booking the service, you should let us know about theses preferences, so that we can guarantee its inclusion. In case of any food allergy, we must also be informed.

  • Yes. Prices given and / or communicated include all legal taxes.

  • Customers are covered by two insurance policies ranging from the pick-up to the drop-off services, namely a Civil Liability policy, in the amount of € 50,000, covering damages to third parties and a Personal Accident Policy with coverage of € 20,000 in the event of death or disability and € 3,500 for treatment and repatriation expenses.

  • It is prohibited to smoke in our vehicles.

    Smoking is usually also forbidden in buildings required for the services / products.
    You can only smoke outdoors.

  • Yes, provided it is requested up to 48 hours prior to the day of the tour.

  • You may, if you wish, regarding the services performed, submit written complaints, via email, which, naturally, will follow up on your analysis and communication about the steps taken and their conclusions. The email for this purpose is:  You can also submit your complaints in the physical Complaints Book, existing in our facilities, or through the Electronic Complaints Book, by clicking on the image below.